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Issue with X-T5 White Balance

Nigel Stride

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My X-T5 Files shot on Daylight WB transfer into Lightroom Classic with a Temp = 4600, where as my X-T3 files transfer with a Temp = 5350.

Anyone know why there is such a difference ? I can confirm that both cameras are using WB preset of 'Daylight', with no WB Shift applied and AWB Lock not used.

I would be interested to know if your X-T5 'Daylight WB' files also transfer into LRC with a Temp = 4600.

Many thanks

Nigel Stride




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I have just tried this with my X-T5. The test photo gave 4500k. It really depends on what you call 'daylight'. Depending on the weather, time of year and time of day it can cover a wide range of temperatures. I guess Fuji decided that something a little warmer suits the average person better, so they changed it.

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