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Hello fellow Fujiheads,

A couple of years ago I had the glorious opportunity to take a few dozen photographs on a X100V and, as the cliche goes, I fell instantly in love. My old man used a film camera back in the day and he was glad I had gotten myself a taste. But since I already owned a Canon 6D Mark II with a full lens kit, I had to the fight the urges. After giving my gear away last week, I have finally settled for a Fuji XT Mark II, probably one of the last unsold models I could find in Mumbai. I have opted for the Viltrox 13mm 1.4 lens along with a TTArtisan 50mm 1.4, and a TTArtisan 23mm 1.4 lenses. I have placed the order for the VIltrox 75mm 1.2.  While I understand that the TTArtisan lenses would take some getting used to, I am keen to understand if there are any other users of the TTartisan lenses. If yes, then I would definitely want to know about the experience so far. Thanks in advance and blue skies to you. :)

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    • Just got a new XT-5 which I upgraded to from the x100v. Have also used XT-3 and xPro-3, so am fairly familiar with the X series. The XT-5 is very nice… and a little perplexing. I turn off the face detection setting as well as interlock spot AE & focusing area because I don’t want to use those features. I turn the camera off, turn it back on, and, lo and behold, both those features are back on. Gremlins? Latest firmware up grade? I am at a loss. My BW film recipe has the two features turned off when I scroll through them on my Q saved menu items.  Any insight is appreciated and thanks.
    • I believe the only way to do this with the X100S is to switch the autofocus button to MF and use the AFL/AEL button. The X100S doesn't have the option for back button focus in AF mode like more recent X series camera models.
    • I don't think its possible - you could do the opposite (keep it on) with some tape - but not sure there is a way to keep it off (although like Jerryy says - it would certainly chew through the battery even if you could)
    • Hello...Could anyone explain, simply, how to set up back button focus on my X100S please..... Just when I think I've got it...it falls down! many thanks Terry
    • Okay, I will ask, how are you able to look at both of them at the same time? Keeping both on at the same time is a battery killer, these two electronic displays are movie camera televisions (monitors) to put it in a different view 😀, keeping them running constantly (continually updating) takes a lot of juice that then cannot be used to get more images. When you use options two or three, the eye sensor is “off”. A simple button push to swap between the two options when you need to use one over the other is fairly easy to do. 
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