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Compare XF 16-80 f/4 lens and XF 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6


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I've used 18-135 lenses for many years, from 35mm film days and love them for general purpose use, so of course I've had the Fuji version (along with other less versatile lenses) since I bought into Fuji. The only thing I'm not fully happy with is the lack of an aperture ring. On my XT5 I can check all exposure settings bar aperture without switching it on. I'm very pleased with the quality and results from the 18-135 but the thought that the 16-80 would solve that problem sometimes nags me. On the other hand I think I'd find I need to change lenses to my 70-300 much more frequently, and perhaps to carry that "just in case" where I previously wouldn't.

Just wondering if anyone else has similar thoughts.....


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I would assume that the reason the aperture ring isn't marked is because its a variable aperture lens.  Same as the 70-300.  So yah, the 16-80 solves that and I prefer using the fixed aperture lens/marked ring as well.  But I accept that for the 70-300 not to be a giant, heavier lens, I have to live with it.  The 16-80 really is a nice lens despite the bashing it seems to get.  But I'm not a pixel peeper type, I'm still impressed with the quality of all Fuji lens when I do my part.

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