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Autofocus Mode for Wildlife (XF100-400mm)?

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I am going on a Safari in Botswana/Namibia and plan to use my XF100-400mm on my X-Pro2. I don't have that much experience in wildlife photography and I have also not used the XF100-400mm that much so far. Which autofocus mode would you recommend:


- Singe Point?

- Zone?

- Wide/Tracking?

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Hallo Alex,

until now I've only shot birds once. I've tried all the options, single point, zone and wide. I'm only work in manual, no programs. To me the cameras could easily have no programs nor priorities at all.

Anyways I found that single and zone were the better, though sometimes you have to half press the shutter button more than once to get the target focuses.

They were moving quickly so I've tried to pan also. You need to make some tries and see what works better for you.

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