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Problems connecting to tablet

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Not sure where this belongs.


Is anyone else having problems connecting to cameras using a Samsung Tab S8 tablet? Both my X100v and XT4 paired ok, but repeatedly fail to connect on the tablet, although both do connect with my Redmi phone. Both tablet and phone previously worked with the Camera Connect app,  in the slow and unreliable manner of that app.


Fuji support suggest they have tested Xapp on an S8, and that my one must be faulty. Possibly, but it shows no problems with any other bluetooth or wifi connectivity for a wide range of uses, it or even with the old Fuji app. 


It would be useful to know if anyone else has had issues with the S8 or similar Samsung tablets. 


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  • Olaf W. changed the title to Problems connecting to tablet

Hi there. I have an XT-30 and upgraded my firmware last week and installed the X app on my S23+ and S8 Ultra.

Camera connected to phone no problem. I then installed on my S8 and no joy. The solution for me was to go into the camera connection menu and switch to the tablet model number. It lists model numbers so take note.

If I change the connection in camera to match which device I want to use before starting up the app on the phone or tablet it seems to work.

It seems the camera should be able to recognize a previously paired device like every other Bluetooth device but I guess not.

Hope that helps. If there is a better way let me know. FWIW once connected the connection more stable than the old app. 



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