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Bets on when the 8mm f/3.5 will be delivered?


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I preordered one on May 24, when B&H Photo first offered it. I've read in a few spots that Fuji says shipments are to start June 29, and also read somewhere (maybe it was here) that they are surprised by the high demand.

Any bets on when I get it? I live between Baltimore and Wilmington DE.

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You have all done a great job keeping this thread dignified and manageable. I was afraid it would become a crazy free-for-all but everybody has exceeded expectations.

I have an unfair advantage now, because I have just received the following information from B&H Photo:


Shipped! ETA: Thursday, Jun 29 

Shipping Method: Fdx Home Delivery 

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Here’s the first comparison. I forgot to set the same aperture - does that matter?

These are jpegs sooc onto my iPad then onto Flickr.

Anyway, what I see is that there is very little distortion of the lines of bricks / cement around the edges of 8mm f3.5 but the colours are n’t quite as punchy. With the 8-16 set at 8 mm in the second photo whilst the picture on my iPad, although I’m not sure it recreates here, had a little more punch / saturation / contrast but what’s going on the bottom? It’s clear from the top of the picture that I did set it exactly horizontal but at the bottom it falls off towards the right quite significantly.

Anyway, the 8mm passed the first test of edge distortion and maybe made it’s more expensive brother look a bit poor! 

So I certainly won’t be sending it back today (which I would have if there was significant distortion), needs further real world testing and the forecast is for a sunny end of today and sunny start to tomorrow so I’ll try to do some more.

8 mm f3.5 

8-16 mm at 8 mm 




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