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Boats, ships & Ocean liner (OPEN TOPIC)

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3 minutes ago, jerryy said:

I do not know about that, but in just one photo you have waaaaaaaayy more boats than I do in many of mine. Very well done!

Thanks jerryy. I hope you appreciate that I went to Scotland just to help you here with this boat and ships thread. I have a few more for you coming (whether you like it or not 😀). I am properly photobombing this thread that you had all for yourself for too long. 

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You are making me blush.

I do appreciate your efforts, keep them floating on in (or rolling on in as the case may be for those poor unfortunate ones that are stranded without water). Great work!

p.s. Did you cook those snails and mussels or just munch them down as you found them? 

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I used to do a fair bit of sailing many years ago, often with sailors from Austria. I had a skipper license, owned a part of a boat etc. The legend had it that two Austrian sailors, "world-famous" as my Austrian friends would describe them, who sailed all over the world and wrote a book about their ventures, after visiting their next port of destination and spending time in the port and in the city, would meticulously record the B/F factor into the nautical charts, with the purpose for the other sailors to know which port is more worth visiting than the other. 

The way they calculated it was that Baraviczka would count all the pretty girls he saw and Vatermann would count all the girls he saw and then they divided those two numbers and there you have it jerryy, the B/F factor. I hope I will not be scorched to death for this not PC post. No offence meant to anybody, just some old-fashioned fun. 



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