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    • Most likely it‘s a wrong setting. Are you shooting inside or outside? What are the actual settings of the resulting photos (EXIF data)?
    • Hi everyone.  I have the XF 18-55 in a XT2. When I set aperture to AUTO on the lens, the camera keeps changing aperture from Auto to Manual by itself. If I move the aperture ring the numbers on the display turn blue (manual) and then turn to auto again (white). If I change aperture to manual on the lens, the camera works fine. I only have this problem when I set it to Auto. Am I missing any setting or the lens might have some issue? Thank you in advance. 
    • No, you are not doing anything wrong, those posts are some automated ads, probably to help paying for the server. Sorry to hear about your faulty LCD. I think your camera needs to go to Fuji service.    Fujifilm site says this:

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    • I own all the small primes, love to take them out when I want to travel light and use primes. I bought the 30mm to put it in my bag instead of the 35mm f2. Perfect image quality, great focal length, just in between the 27mm and the 35mm. Use it a lot for images of flowers, small items to show detail, and also documentary work. Certainly not the lens for insects, yet great for all other purposes, and sharp and crisp. My walking around lens is the 23mm, if wider I use the 16mm and if portraits are asked for its the 50mm f2. And for close ups and standard viewing angle its the 30mm. Much more in use than the 35mm, works for me as I expected when I bought it.
    • My settings are stuck in movie mode and cannot move back to stills. I have done all the usual fixes i.e made sure the dial is pointing to Still and have tried factory reset. Any help with this problem will be gratefully accepted. Thank you.
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