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    • Hello community. Has anyone experienced the rubber leatherette peeling off from the grip on your XE ? And if so, is there a quick fix to this ? Glue ? Which one ? Thanks for sharing. Eric
    • My XT3 froze while i was changing wb in the menu after a day shooting in direct sunlight and hot weather. SD card is Lexar 1066x 120mb/s write. No overheating warning popped up or any form of high temp warning, but camera was very warm. The screen was unresponsive and would not turn off after i had turned it off. I was in the car with air conditioning when this happened so it was cooling down. The shutter still worked when i pressed it but no photo was written to the card. 
    • Is it just me or is the interchange between camera and app just crappy?      First of all the iOS app won’t rotate to landscape mode (hello iPad?) the menu terms/instructions differ between app and and camera (firmware v2.2) you need Bluetooth AND wifi for a connection. when I get it to work once it won’t reconnect the next use without resetting the connection. ain’t no way I’m going to trust it with applying a firmware update wirelessly.
    • Rony, any update?  …we’re you able to resolve the issues? Cheers!
    • Hi all! New here. Using DT  4.0 on Manjaro Linux. I had a x 30 and thos raw files opened easily. Now with the xt-3: I am having a big problem open x-trans 4 (c-mos 4?) raw files in darktable (3.8, 4.0). Shooting compressed lossless, compressed or uncompressed makes no difference. I always get a message to see if my camera is supported and it is. What to do? I am using Rawtherapee 3.8 for the moment and it is incredibly detailed. But DT is just an easier workflow for me for quick editing.   I cannot convert 200 images every day to DNG with adobe converter.   Any suggestions are very much appreciated.   Thanks!        
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