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We didn't have a topic for this, and I hope it fits alright in the Street Photography Section, but I wanted to post some images from the Dallas Shooting that I captured last night.


Still working on how exactly you curate your Instagram feed so, so far I've only posted 9 images from last night, I'll update my flickr feed later tonight when I get home, because with public transportation at a stand still I had to rely on a good natured friend to help pull me out of the perimeter the police had set up, and I didn't get home until 1, asleep around 4, and I'm about dead tired now.  I'm including one image that I think captured the chaos of the moment the shots rang out, and including a link to instagram feed.  I'll update my flickr later, like I said, but my initial cull is at 78 images and I feel the story can be told in far less than that so I need another cull for a full flickr album.


CC is welcome.  Hard to know exactly where to point your camera when gun shots are coming from both directions.


IMG 0078

All images where captured with either the X-Pro1 with the 35 ƒ1.4 or the XT1 with either the 14 ƒ2.8 or the 60 ƒ2.4; processed in LR, Pro Neg Hi, beef up the contrast a little, and in some cases pull back on the shadows/darks a tad.
Told ya'll I was tired...forgot the instagram link.
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Doesn't seem to be much interest, but I've whittled the night down to just 23 images.  I hope I told a full and complete story of the night as I saw it unfold.  I tried to.  When shots are ringing out from all around you, it's hard to know just where to point your camera; so out of all the images I captured, I felt that these 23 told the most complete story.  From the first moments I arrived at 6pm in Belo Garden, to the last image I took before leaving the perimeter to try and make my way home.


I'll include a couple, but not all 23 for the purposes of posting here.  This thread is for everyone to post into.


Here's the link to the flickr album... https://flic.kr/s/aHskzFo7Sn


A father and son, myself and another photographer take cover against a gated entry to a parking garage as gunshots are fired at officers nearby.


Black Lives Matter_March_ 07-16-064 by Clint Ausmus, on Flickr


I've posted this before, I'm posting again because the picture above is what I see when I look forward, after taking that image, I turn to my right, and this is what I see. These two images are captured as shots are being fired. The police have yet to triangulate the position of the shooter.


Black Lives Matter_March_ 07-16-065 by Clint Ausmus, on Flickr


An Officer directs myself, some civilians and another photographer deeper into the garage out of the line of fire of the shooter.


Black Lives Matter_March_ 07-16-067 by Clint Ausmus, on Flickr


The full album is available on my flickr feed. I'm still trying to process what happened that night, and am not sure I fully grasp just how close to the shooter I really was.


I welcome any and all feedback.

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Despite the sadly fact that originates the situation, you have approached it very well, photographically speaking. This 3 photos display the mood and feelings described in your writing.

Very powerful.


Thank you very much.  I appreciate you commenting on my images.  I tried to tell the story of the whole night.  Given the events of the night I tried not to include any images of signage that had derogatory comments about the police though.  That is the only thing I made a conscious effort to leave out of the story.


Those are very powerful pictures.

You can really feel the tension and see the drama.

I don't think I'd have the courage to be there running around with a camera in my hands though....

Did you have any close calls? Police mistaking your gear for a weapon?

Thank you very much for liking and taking the time to visit and comment.  I was never mistaken for anything other than a photographer through out the night.



As it turns out I was much closer to the initial shooting then I originally thought.  The officers who were shot were on the street just 50 yards or so further down the street I was on.


I was right at the front of the march and had just turned onto the street where the shooting took place when the shots rang out.  The garage you see in the image is the Bank of America parking garage which was initially where the shooter was thought to be. However it turns out he was on the street and not shooting from an elevated position like originally thought.


My caption is also wrong on the first image.  The image, that I identify as a father and son taking cover with us against the garage, is actually two brothers (the oldest and the youngest of 4) whose mother was the only civilian shot during the shooting.  Their mother was shot in the upper calf as the initial shots rang out.  And in the chaos the brothers were all separated.  The oldest and youngest wound up in the garage with us, one of the middle boys was with his mother hiding behind a car as the police were trying to get her to the hospital and the other middle son ran back towards The Old Red Museum the opposite direction of his older and younger brother.  They were all reunited later that night at the hospital.

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