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Going full fuji (from canon)

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I've had a Fujifilm x-t20 for six months as a backup camera to a Canon 90D that I've used for two years. The Fuji system, film simulations, recipes, the X-Trans sensor, and all the knobs have all captured my heart.

To cut to the chase, I'm thinking of switching entirely to Fuji. One body that can perform the same tasks as my 90D and X-T20 is my ultimate desire. Selling both bodies while maintaining my 23mm f/2.0 lens would allow me to purchase an X-T4/X-T5. According to what I've seen, they both offer everything I need: a high-speed burst, fantastic video (with IBIS), and a large megapixel count (particularly the x-t5). They might potentially be excellent alternatives to the Canon 90D.

Is it a wise decision? I'd love to hear from other photographers and Fuji enthusiasts.



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Go for X-T5, it has everything you need, IBIS, small body, AI focusing and 40MP, with all the available film simulations.

I was thinking about moving to FF or Medium Format (from X-T3), but I am happily staying with my X-T5 for foreseeable future.

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I made the entire switch from a canon 5DmkIII to the X-T5, and sold all my gear except my 17mm tilt & shift, which I use with a fringer adapter.   Zero regrets and the move has brought back the joy of photography.   

you can check out images if you want on my gallery.   


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