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Fuji 100s & the new xApp


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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if Fuji finally fixed the new xApp as they promised on May 31st.  Also, has anyone started using it?  I'm also hoping Fuji ports this over so we can use it with the 50r and the XH1.  

I've had no issues with he old app and will still use it with my other cameras, but I was considering switching my 100s over to the new one.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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It works on my X-T30, so far. It has one feature to be careful regarding using it. GPS support is an “always on” requirement to be able to use the app. Additionally, the GPS will need “use precise location” turned on, this is no biggy, it means the GPS is using the phone’s GPS location rather than the older less precise method of using wifi location.

But, having the GPS always on is more troubling, because while you can turn that on and off in the phone’s main setting menu, you have to have it on just to use the app for any of the other remote’s features. So it is running in the background using your batteries (camera and phone) even if you do not want location info embedded in the image files. Remember to turn this (use location setting) back off in the phone’s main settings menu after you are finished using the app or you could potentially drain the batteries while it is running in the background.

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After lengthy discussion on a different forum it seems there may be issues if you want to geocode images and you use an Apple device.

Whichever phone you have its necessary to first connect phone and camera via bluetooth (and turn on the geocoding and location sync settings in the camera).

Apple devices will continue to send updated locations to the camera while the phone app is in the foreground OR the camera remains active. When the app goes into the background and the camera sleeps or is turned off and on it won't reconnect.

Android devices will reconnect phone and camera even if the app is in the background.

Only an issue if you are interested in using the app for geocoding.

(The requirement for "always on" even if you are not geocoding seems like lazy programming but I doubt it has a really serious affect on the battery.)

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THANKS Jerry and Greybeard.  This is very helpful!  I do use geotracking.  I'll have to test that.  I was actually surprised this app still ran on my iPhone 7s which is six years and six months old!  I'm keeping the old app just in case I didn't have too many issues with it and was reasonably happy.  I'm actually looking forward to the new app primarily for the Activity feature.  I wonder if it captures the total of shutter actuations on the camera?

Thanks again guys!


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12 hours ago, jlmphotos said:

 I wonder if it captures the total of shutter actuations on the camera?

Thats an interesting question - there appear to be two different remote access interfaces to the camera : Bluetooth/Wi-Fi and USB - the USB interface does have a way of accessing a shutter count - I haven't seen any report that its available via Bluetooth/WiFi.

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