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can not open RAF files via Mac OS Preview or Pixelmator Pro

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Hi, I have new X-T30 II with latest firmware and I can not open RAF files on my Macbook Pro 16 M2 Max. My Mac OS is in the latest version and I also use Pixelmator Pro latest version.

I try to change settings on X-T30 II to uncompressed RAF file, also to lossless compressed and compressed, but the same problem. With older body X-T4 I have not this problem, only with this new X-T30 mark II.

Have you any advice?

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Apart from wait none I am afraid to say. I had the same with the GFX 50 files to begin with. However, 'DxO Photolab 6' handles them perfectly. Also when you upload a file taken with a lens not yet in its database it will auto suggest you download the corresponding file. I have two Fuji cameras and 5 lenses all of them now recognised by this software which I am very happy with.

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42 minutes ago, Greybeard said:

Frustrating - Apple does now support uncompressed raw from the X-T5 and X-H2 which were released a long time after your camera. (Compressed raw isn't supported from any FujiFilm camera)

Yes I know, that I must use uncompressed RAW format only to open or edit, but now, nothing works. Only JPEG 😕

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According to this:


Apple does not yet support the X-T30 II. There are some options you can try.


Use this (it is free) to convert the raw files to TIFF, which you can then edit in your current editor.


Use an EXIF editor to change the camera name in the raf’s exif tags to X-T30 — version one — and then the Apple support should be there. I do not recommend this other than as a last choice option.

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