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X-T5 PRE-AF Option Greyed Out

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Hi All,

I just got my X-T5 and was attempting to set it up following a few YouTube videos. A couple of them recommended that for beginners that the PRE-AF option be turned on. However that option is greyed out. I have varied between S & C modes and then one by one changed every Autofocus option available but it still refuses to be available. I've spent nearly an hour and a half combing through Reddit, YouTube, Google search results, and have not found an answer. If I'm missing something obvious, I admit that I have to have my wife find things for me when they're in plain sight ("Stop looking with Man-Eyes" she love to say) but I believe I've done due diligence.

Can somebody tell me what I've missed?


Frank Imburgia

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I have the 18-55 2.8 Fuji kit lens. I realized after I posted that that was important information I left out. The last camera I owned was a film Nikon N90, so my learning curve is going to be steep, but this has me stumped (not really saying much there 😉

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As far as I know, PRE-AF works only in high speed mode!

I'm not sure what you mean by "high speed mode." I did a User Settings Reset and returned the camera back to as it came out of the box, in case I changed something by accident that prevented me from getting the PRE-AF option, but it's still greyed out. Obviously, I'm missing something.

I'm not even sure I want to enable this setting, given its impact on battery life, but now I HAVE to solve this mystery.

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Posted (edited)

sorry, I was wrong, according to the manual PRE-AF works only in ES (electronic shutter mode ). 

I set my Xt5 to shutter type M+E, that works. 

menu camera mode 1/3 last item, hope it helps.

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Well, I upgraded my firmware last night to V.2.00 and guess what? The PRE-EF is now available. I have absolutely NO idea why I couldn't access it before.

Thanks for your help. I am really excited to be a real photographer again! This forum is such a great resource and I know that I'll be availing myself of the combined wisdom of the Fujifilm community many times.

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