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Guess the list price on the Fuji XF 8mm F3.5 lens?

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The new XF 8mm F3.5 lens is supposed to be announced tomorrow, May 24. I want one, and decided when I first saw it on an updated lens map that I would buy it (though rude surprises are always a possibility).

Presuming there will be a price announced too, what do you think it will be? I'll start the guessing. I'm thinking maybe $600.

It's not a zoom. And it's not fast, by modern standards. But it will be the widest Fuji prime. And it will be one of the widest X mount prime lenses out there by any maker (excepting fisheyes of course).

What do you say, am I thinking too high or too low?

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5 hours ago, SGinNorcal said:

leaked at $799

Yes, I saw that after I posted. Well, not surprising. I'd have thought over $1000 was surprising, or under $400.


5 hours ago, SGinNorcal said:

probably going to be a low volume, specialty lens

Somewhere I found an article about it that said it would be a great all around lens, a general purpose prime. I've been pondering the wonder of that statement ever since. My take: the person who said that does not specialize in portraits.

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