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Any rumors about a fast super telephoto?

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I love the 200 f2 and remember some time back rumors circulating about Fuji having patented longer fast glass - like a 500MM f4 or something along that line - has that dies on the vine?

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I'd love it if this post would get some love and attention from Fuji. Their auto focus is catching up, it's very competant. They have a fantastic catalogue of lenses, that, most importantly, are incredibly affordable in each of their respective categories (excepting the 200 F/2), especially compared to their Full Frame competitors (Only Sony can compete right now, and they lose out in average quality imho, and Nikon and Canon haven't had time to flush out their mid range mirrorless lineups and likely won't for years to come). And Fuji are known for, almost built on, their optically excellent, well built, weather resistant, light and compact primes, all of which are affordable, and while not the brightest, each is bright enough to get the job done. That right there, that whole philosophy of primes, would translate so well into fast super telephoto primes.

Imagine a lovely Fuji 300mm F/4 (450mm F/5.6 equivalent FF) and maybe a 500mm F/5.6 or 6.3 (750mm F/8 or F/9). Whatever it takes to hold that same philosophy, fast enough, small, compact, and relatively affordable. Add those to their latest lineup, the X-S20, X-T5, X-H2 and X-H2s, and you have an extremely capable wildlife and sports setup. It's still not full frame, who cares? Fuji knows the downsides of APSC in low light and action, we all do. They still made the X-H2s, and they nailed it. Now they should double down on some telephotos that have 150% the reach with 2/3 the size. Done right, it could be something really special, and it's something the amateur scene needs desperately.

Please Fuji, extend your prime lens philosophy to some super telephotos. Innovate. Thumb your nose at the Full Frame boys and steal their entry and mid level customers by reminding them that all photographers need to start somewhere, and that somewhere doesn't need to be a 4 year old body and 10 year old lens just so they can afford the entry price, that it can be something exciting that inspires their photographic passions.

A lover of photography

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