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X Pro 2 Long Exposure T & B settings

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see if this helps




there are things in Fuji cameras that are mutual exclusive, like the Manual Shutter allows you to go longer shots than a second which the electronic shutter won’t allow anything longer than a second. You are probably in one of these situations.


These cameras are deceitfully “ simple” but the more functions are added the more they interact with one another.

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I don’t find the X-T1 manual too bad, it’s a manual like many others. This one for the X pro 2 that I’ve quoted above is a “ color by numbers” , so to speak, manual. Even if you know nothing about photography you can follow the graphic instructions. But many of its contents are applicable to the X-T1 too.

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Yep I realise that thanks, but with modern cameras being very omplex items they do need an easy to read and comprehensive manuals!

So that said IMHO the X-T1 deserves such a readable manual. Fuji do a really good job of supporting their cameras and lenses, considering the X-T1 is a flagship model so to want them to take such a modest step is not unreasonable.


The biggest drawback to the X-T1 manual is that the PDF version is not interactive and the PDF paging of the manual is a disaster! Also an awful lot of the translation to English is terrible!

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This contribution is not written with the intent to patronize anyone!




Any PDF file is searchable, this can be done with any PDF reader, you get a box where you will be able to search all parts of the PDF (appearing as a column left) containing the keywords of your search.


However you can search the manual with your search function contained in your own browser without even opening it or downloading on your computer.



Searching “ bulb” on the on line manual, returns 6 results. The third  and sixth of which are relevant to this question. Only the last one tells you that the mechanical shutter speed can be set to 60 minutes max. in bulb, 1/4 to 1/4000 in P, Time mode 30 to 2 sec. all other modes 30 to 1/4000.


It might not be immediately apparent that putting things on ES will limit you but is several parts of the  manual it says that it has limitations...



Electronic Shutter*
1 sec. to 1/32000 sec.(P/A/S/M mode)
Bulb / Time 1 sec. fixed



Yes, Mike G, modern cameras are complex and getting even more complex when they get given other functions later on which might be conflicting with other functions (and being mutually exclusive) but frankly speaking we should expect and credit people who want to use a professional camera to have the necessary knowledge to use the camera they choose. Simpler cameras are simpler for a reason.


It is like buying a race car and then wonder why it hasn’t an automatic gearbox.


I don’t mean to criticize OP but often times questions are asked in the forum where the answer is either obvious or already asked before (in this and other fora).



This was the case with this question (again not a criticism to OP) the  answer was already here ( besides being contained in the manual).


The search for the terms “ bulb problem” on this form returns many relevant  threads, the first of which, probably (in my opinion) contains the answer to OP problem here.




This is of course somehow hidden in the recesses of the manual, but it is there, but who reads the manual anyway?




Recently I had two friends of mine asking me to explain them how to use their pro cameras ( Sony and Nikon), I told them that I didn’t know their cameras as I know mine but that I would try to offer my help, and proceeded to explain them things only to find out that BOTH had no knowledge of basic concepts... which makes even reading the manual an almost pointless exercise (different situation of yours Mike G and OP, let’s be clear here).




I remember that old Polaroids had parts of the camera identified with numbers because they were numbered in a sequence devised in a way so that anyone could follow the simple and graphic instructions and make no mistake in using the camera.


I also remember manuals beginning with the phrase “ insert a film in the camera” just to prevent someone would start shooting without a film.


This is not the case here but don’t blame the manual, because even the most graphic of them is useless if one doesn’t read it.

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My pleasure xpro2inidaho, to your very good health! Enjoy.


As for clarity, much depends from what you mean by “ clearly”. The fact that many found out about this or not ( both ways, by not understanding it and by understanding it) shows that for some it was clear and for some others it wasn’t. I have no idea whether those who got it were more or less of those who didn’t.

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I wasn't able to get my x-Pro2 to do a "B" exposure longer than 2 seconds. Not a function I use often. Checked the (excellent but incomplete) manual and there was no answer there. Googled it, and that brought up this thread....with the solution! (Needed to be on mechanical shutter.) So, thank you.....and when you keep posting questions here you help others.

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My problem is slightly different, I understand the concept of T & B settings completely, but am confused with what is happening with my X-Pro2 cameras. They all give me a 30 second exposure when set on B when they should open the shutter when I press the shutter release and close the shutter when I release the shutter button. I don't know why there is a 30 second option to begin with.


I've looked through the manual but haven't discovered a way to change this. There is a way to change the T shutter speed and this makes sense, but can't get my B setting to do anything but a 30 second exposure. ??? Help?

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ps, the manual does state that setting an aperture to A or automatic will result in a 30 second exposure, however I have not set the aperture on Auto it is manual set to f8 or other settings and the shutter dial set to B.  Still get a 30 second exposure on all my cameras, is there another setting? My shutter is on mechanical not electronic.

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