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Camera takes photos BY ITSELF, and other weird behaviours.


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I've not had my X-T5 for long, but, so far it's been a pretty dismal experience.

Not long after getting it I started to notice random, usually blurred, frames on the card. At first I thought it was me being clumsy until, not long ago, the camera began making a high pitched squealing sound straight after switch-on and then shut off - and would not power back on. I tried taking the battery out to no avail, and eventually called support, who asked me to take the battery out again, which I did this time for an extended period, after which the camera powered back up.

However, right after that experience, when just sitting looking at the camera, considering if I'd just made a very expensive mistake, the shutter fired without me touching the release!

Since then, it's done it over and again. Today, needing the camera for a job, it was a proper embarrassment. And, worse, a new behaviour arose - occasionally, and at random, the display would go dark, and the live view would become a kind of jerky slow motion effect. Only power cycling would clear it.

I have contacted Fujifilm UK by email, but the response time is ridiculous taking them a week between replies. And, unfortunately, I bought the camera and lens direct from Fujifilm, so I can't even go back to a shop and complain there.

As it stands today, I have an expensive heap of junk, and am waiting for Fujifilm to reply to me asking them to please reply to a previous mail. It's truly awful customer service. In fact, it's so bad, I have complained to Paypal to try to recruit them to help. 😞

If you are considering a X-T5, and especially if you are considering buying one direct from Fujifilm - think again. It's obvious cameras are coming out of the factory with issues, and, unfortunately, it appears you're not going to get much help in resolving them. At least I'm not having a lot of luck.

Very, very disappointed 😞 😞 


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Cheers for answering.

I don't want a defective camera that has been repaired. I paid full whack, direct from Fuji. They made an extra 40% on the deal above what they'd make on a shop sale, but can't even be bothered to answer mails or phone calls properly.

How they treat people is disgusting.

Don't get me wrong. For the couple of days it worked, it was a great camera.

Outside of that, actually dealing with Fuji, as an entity, especially given they cut the dealer or shop out of the equation is literally wrong, and in so many ways.

I have an X-e2s, which has been a reliable friend for years. The X-T5 is a monster of horrible proportions.

And, ultimately, my message to anyone who is listening: Do not use the Fujifilm webshop. They make extra money from your purchase, but you get absolutely zero support, so don't do it.

Buy from a real camera store; it's the same price. Don't buy from the Fuji webshop.


I will be perfectly frank: If I'd bought that camera from Amazon, I wouldn't be writing this, because I'd now have a new X-T5, or more likely, a Sony A7 if I could have seen into the future.

Unfortunately, I didn't...


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I'm sorry to hear of your experience.  But do you really think Fuji or any other company has some priority list where those that bought direct are treated better?  That's a pretty slippery slope.  And why wouldn't you want your camera repaired?  When your car gets a warranty repair, do you expect a new one?  Pretty much any company only replaces an item when the repair costs more than replacement.  The QA on a repair likely exceeds the original anyway.

With reference to Amazon, I've not shared the positives people seem to heap on it.  Often these days, return shipping is on you.  I currently have a chair I'm reselling because returning it to the manufacturer costs early as much as the original price.  Amazon was only helpful to the point they pointed out return shipping was on me.  They took a cut of the sale and did nothing about the items misrepresentation.  I truly believe that more people should cut Amazon out, leaving more profit for the manufacturer, making a healthier company with better wages and staying power.  Amazon is just another layer of profit taking fueled by our desire for convenience.

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Actually Valve, you are right. They have sold you something that is not fit for purpose. So of course you are entitled to a replacement or refund. The Sales of Good's Act 1979 has you covered. I am shocked by your experience. To put this total camera failure into perspective though, over the past, I think, 10 years I have been through an x-e2, x-t1, x-t2, x-t3 and now my current models, x-e3 and x-t5. I still have the x-t2, which is converted to infra-red. In that time, apart from accidents, I have had two failures. The x-t3 developed a faulty exposure compensation dial and the x-t1 flash circuitry failed. The x-t1 was fixed under warranty and the x-t3 was out of warranty but repaired very promptly by Fuji.

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