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Lots of underexposed pictures with X-H2S since firmware 3.0

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Hi all!

Today I tested the camera, in continuous autofocus mode using the back button to focus, with only the 100-400 lens, only the 70-300 lens, and with the 70-300 lens + 1.4 teleconverter. In all 3 cases, I found the same problem: many photos came out underexposed! From this test, it is clear that the problem is not with the lenses. After that, with the 100-400 lens mounted, in manual mode with automatic ISO selection, and in continuous focus mode, I repeated the following tests in sequence, always pointing to the same spot. I clicked the shutter button halfway multiple times (with the shutter AF, AF-C ON option in the menu) and the exposure meter always gave me an ISO value of 400. Then, I switched AF-C OFF (so pressing the shutter button will not focus anymore) and pressed the shutter button halfway multiple times, still getting ISO values of 400. Finally, I held down the back button (so the autofocus is active and continuous) and pressing the shutter button halfway multiple times the exposure meter gave me values of 160! So, the algorithm somehow makes a mistake in setting ISO when pressing the shutter button halfway, while the back button (or autofocus) is constantly active! Has anyone else noticed this? This is just a terrible situation for people doing wildlife photography (which is one of the reasons this cam exists!). 



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Hi, i experienced similar issues with exposure during panning. I tried different meterings and sort out that i have to useing compensation but it not always work. For exapmle when i panned plane during landing  - shots at the beiginign point of series were  underexposed but at the end of series exposure was correct (sun was behind me all the time) I have 50-140/f2.8 and 16-55/f2.8. Fuji recently updated firmware of that lenses related to chosing correct exposure but i didn't have time to test it yet.

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