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Lost X-T10 @ Meteora, Greece on 25 June 2016

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I suppose it could be possible to contact Fuji directly since some folks do register their purchase with Fuji if they bought it from on on line source and enjoy guarantee rights




Another possibility is getting in touch with the local Greek police.


Obviously that would have been the first place where the owner of the camera would have gone. If he or she were tourists there is a high likelihood that they were insured with a travel insurance which normally also covers theft or losing things like these. The insurance claim procedure would have compelled the owner to go to the local police since you cannot claim the insurance coverage without a police report done where the item went missing.


I don’t know what made OP take the camera with him or her (to Japan?), maybe he was in a rush with his tourist tour and didn’t have the chance to go to the proper police station, but in Greece, the police, like anywhere else in the world, would have had a regular form to fill and the camera would have been placed in official custody and wouldn’t have been disappearing in the pockets of some clerk. If not claimed or the owner could not be found, then the finder would have got the item after some time and become the legal owner. At present,  being probably this reported as stolen for an insurance claim, OP might be in possession of stolen property without realizing that!


I don’t know why OP thought of not doing that and to go to a internet forum to find the owner ( despite what we might think of fora and ourselves, there is still a minority of the Fujifilm users who also frequent fora) but the likelihood of finding the rightful owner this way is certainly minimal.


Good Luck!



This is a link to useful numbers in Meteora, it includes the number of the closest jurisdictional tourist Police office in Kalabaka, which, of course, would have dealt with a report of someone losing the camera in Meteora.




here all the tourist police, the Kalabaka is at the end of the page.



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