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Just bought my first Fuji GFX camera

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I just bought my first GFX camera. The reason I purchased it was the ability to adapt all kinds of lenses with it. I have been collecting cameras over 25years and have quite a few medium format system lenses I can adapt. All medium format lenses seem to have there own "Look" or Bokeh when shot wide open. The first adapter I have bought is for my  Norita  80mm F2.0 lens. The results were quite good. Razor thin zone of focus with very interesting out of focus zones. I would like to post some image examples if someone will explain how to do it.



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What is the GFX line like, for an X System user? I could research it and haven't, and it's only mild curiosity because I don't think I'd pay the price of entry. But I am curious. If you feel like addressing it:

Is it like an X System camera, but bigger and heavier and way more resolution?

Or are there many differences? For example, do controls work differently? Is the lens lineup more limited? Does it necessarily bump you up in how much computer you need to handle the images? Is it a RAW + JPG world, or do the image formats change? Is it more work, is doing everything a bit harder?

If somebody bought me a nice body and a half dozen nice lenses and gave them to me, what would surprise me most?

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