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X-T3 battery life help


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I recently picked up a used X-T3 in pretty rough shape (EC dial and LCD both not functioning properly) however the EVF and all other functions are working great so it can still take perfect images. For the price I paid for it, I really cannot complain. However, Im wondering if there is a power problem with the camera as well. I noticed that I maybe get 1-2 hours (turned on) of use out of the battery, and probably around 100 images. now I have been using custom film simulations exclusively, and flipping between them pretty frequently which I imagine draws more power. However, this is still far away from the proposed 390 shots per battery. I am wondering if this seem normal in other peoples experience or if this battery drain seems high. I will note that I do not believe the camera is draining when powered off.


For a little bit of extra info - I have adjusted all the setting to be more power efficient (normal mode, turn off bluetooth, etc.)

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The camera does use the main battery a little bit to keep the settings “battery” charged so your settings are ready when you turn the camera on. This does not take a lot of juice from the main battery, but you will notice it if you leave the camera off for many days in a row.

Given your description, it is quite possible the battery you have is getting old, they do wear out and need to be replaced after a while, especially if they have been heavily used, i.e. discharged all the way before recharging, used with continuous focusing, things like that, etc.

p.s. Welcome to the forum.

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