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56mm 1.2 and Mcex 16 or 60mm For Macro Photography


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Hello, I love macro photography and the Sigma 105mm f 2.8, which I loved to use in my old equipment, was a lens that traveled with me in my bag. But now I want to have a macro lens with my Fuji set. Does it make sense to attach an extension tube to my 56mm 1.2 lens I use now or buy a 60mm f 2.4. Thank you

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It's hard to make a lens sharp over its entire focusing and aperture range. Extending the focusing range way down, for a fast lens that wasn't designed to do that (at significant extra cost), is likely to bring out a lot of aberrations. Also, the 56 f/1.2 is one of those lenses designed to create smoother bokeh, right? That has to be done either by introducing aberrations, or a plate that shades the edge of the light path, or both. After all, the visible bokeh is just bright spots that are out of focus, so if you want those to look different from a sharp image of the aperture, you have to introduce aberrations for the images at extreme focus positions. Just a general comment. I have never tried the lens you mention.

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