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XT3 won't turn on after firmware update from app


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I have a question about my XT3 after I’ve updated the firmware via the camera remote app.
After updating the firmware, my camera's screen went black and now the camera isn’t working. It won’t turn on. I’ve tried different SD cards, a fully charged battery, plugging the camera into my laptop, and giving it a day to sit… it won’t turn on. Makes me upset because it was working just fine before I decided to be good and update the firmware so that I could use the camera remote app.
I have also noticed that when I turn the camera on, I can hear a faint ticking sound in the camera if I hold my ear up really close.
I’m wondering has this happened to anyone? How did you fix it? Is there someone I can contact through email from Fujifilm to help me with this? I also don’t have a warranty :(
Thank you
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