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Manual focus ring not working

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I'm new to Fuji.   I have the X-T5 with a 16-80mm lens.

When I set it to Manual focus, the lens ring does absolutely nothing.  I've gone through the settings, manual, watched video after video and I can't figure out why it's not working.

Is there something else to do other than switch to Manual focus to get the ring to work?  I must be missing something obvious.


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My single issue with Fuji menus is  there are multiple settings which control singular functions such as MF. It looks as if you know where to check, i.e. MF assist, AF + MF, the MSC dial etc. One thing I have found is fat fingering the lower SS dial to movie instead of stills or the lower iso dial to CL.  I hope you figure it out, it's probably simple, usually is.  Unless you missed one of the things I listed above, lol.

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Here are a few things you could check that might be causing the issue:

  1. Camera Mode: Ensure the camera itself is in Manual mode, not just the lens. Sometimes, even if you switch your lens to Manual, if the camera is in an auto mode, it may override manual focusing.

  2. Focus Mode Selector: Make sure the focus mode selector on the front of the camera is set to "M" for manual.

  3. Focus Ring Direction: In the X-T5's settings, there's an option to change the direction of the manual focus ring. You might've accidentally reversed it, causing confusion. You can check it under Menu > AF/MF Setting > Focus Ring Operation.

  4. Function of the Lens Ring: Sometimes, the lens ring might be set to control another function like aperture or zoom, and not focus. Confirm this under the Menu > Button/Dial Setting > Ring Function Setting.

  5. Firmware Update: Make sure both your camera and lens have the latest firmware updates. Occasionally, these issues can be solved with an update. You can check for updates on Fujifilm's official site.

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