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Geotagging Questions

John Gray

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I recently picked up an X-T5 and wanted to Geotag photos.  I've got  the app, and after some amount of fiddling, it seems to be working - sometimes (although not all the time).

I liked the idea of just getting a GPS Data Logger that was small, always on and I could throw in my pack or into my motorcycle so I could import the GPX later into Lightroom and tag all photos.  But it seems in the past 2-3 years almost all of these devices have been discontinued.  I'd rather not use the phone because this would just burn up the battery too fast in general and I'd always have to be fiddling with it - turning an app on manually all the time.

But now I'm not sure of a good device option otherwise.

Two questions - 1 - can I force the geo location from the X-T5 to update somehow?  It holds the last position too long so the accuracy ends up being very much not helpful.   If there WAS a way to force it to update then I could make this work.  But 60 minutes later - I could be 75 miles away from that last tag.

I also have an Apple Watch with the GPS ability that I haven't turned on.   I wonder if I activated that and let the Apple Watch do the work vs. the iPhone if that would work somehow.   Anyone done this?  I see posts about a Garmin Fenix being used for this purpose.




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