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X-E1 : EVF stopped working

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Hello everyone,

First time poster, long time reader.


I use the EVF on my x-e1 90% of the time and all of a sudden, without a warning, the evf just dies. 

I can toggle through the (evf - eye sensor - lcd) modes, but when I get to the EVF part of it, I just get a blank EVF.

Does anyone know if this can be fixed without it being sent in for repairs?  A setting I may have overlooked?  Perhaps a magical re-boot sequence?  A secret hand shake?

What ever.  I'll try anything.  ***ALMOST anything for you wise guys out there!***

Thanks for any info.

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This happened to my X-E2 but I presumed it was due to it tumbling down the steps of a church. Be interested to hear what others think also.

I've read somewhere of an X-T1 having this same issue with the EVF.  When sent into Fujifilm for warranty repairs they said it was a loose ribbon cable.

Perhaps with their aging cameras being out a few years, we are now seeing these issues starting to pop up.  I really hope it's not a design flaw or a weakness in their manufacturing process.  Because I'm really liking this brand.. 

Should I be babying my own X-T1?

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Surgery want well, although nothing out of place unfortunately so email off the Fuji UK to get a cost on repairing the camera to see whether it is cost effective to repair. If not I'll use it with in LCD mode.

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AS far as the tear down goes, I didn't set any pics so simply remove the rubber from the grip - it's just stuck on so peal it away carefully - then the tolex from the front left and right & then the tolex from the back. After that remove the screws from the base plate and both sides of the camera. Remember to map the screws out as you go tis there are a few different sizes. The back cover removes and their are two ribbon cables. One for the buttons and the other for the screen. The screen can be removed from the back cover. After that things are straight forward to strip the insides, just give your self the long afternoon to do it. 

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