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what fuji xt or xh for video

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Hello, i have a XT3, which i use for video..rarely for photo. 18 55 and 55 200 fuji lenses also

I am thinking to upgrade to one of this new machine...what i am interested more is a aprt the IQ, the new focus function, faster in general plus the tracking and all realted , and stabilization

Not very important, or not at all the 8k (6k only because i can crop not because i wil use it..) and little importance the high number of fps

What is the best of the 3 models. SOme complains about xt5 and xh2 having too many megapixels..generally i cannot undesratnd if there is one of these model better really for video



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I would say the H-2s, with its stacked sensor, is going to be the most capable for  AF among things, and the pixel count isn’t a hinderance for your video resolution output.  

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