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Fuji XF 16mm f1.4 vs viltrox 13mm F1.4


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Following the topic, I want to buy one of these next week, but still not decided. My findings:

  1. It seems it narrows down to the focal length. 13 mm can be tricky for portraits or indoor shooting because camera should be almost in front of person's face
  2. Fuji might be superior in IQ but twice the price.
  3. Viltrox can wobble in video. Gimble might be needed

But I am leaning toward Viltrox

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I have the viltrox 13 that I use on an xt5. It’s an extremely sharp lens with good color and contrast.  When I pixel peep I’m always impressed with the sharpness.  It does have some distortion towards the corners though which I don’t recall reading about in reviews. The 16mm I owned but it’s been a few years. I enjoyed that lens also. It’s not as sharp as the 13 if memory serves me and I believe it’s a bit softer towards the corners also…but a very good lens none the less. 3mm doesn’t sound like much but it’s enough that you could own both. I’d probably go 13 since it’s a very good lens, it’s cheaper and you can crop to get the 16mm field of view….then pick up the 16 later if you feel the need. 

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Taken on the X-H2S + XF16mm 1.4. I love the way this combo handles and the results.

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