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Mechanical or Electronic Shutter


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Electronic shutter can cause image defects like rolling shutter and banding. It's best to use mechanical shutter as a general default, and use electronic shutter when mechanical shutter isn't an option, like where using shutter speeds faster than what the mechanical shutter allows, when needing to be silent, or when doing time lapse photography to save the mechanical shutter (if appropriate).

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8 hours ago, paul A said:

How do I turn off the electronic shutter in the menu - the option is grayed out and I cannot select the mechanical option

If you set the shutter to 10”, (ten seconds) and try to capture an image, what happens?

p.s. Welcome to the forum.

p.p.s. If you have the shutter speed set too high, over 1/4000, only the electronic shutter will be available, — faster than 1/4000 is too fast for the mechanical shutter.

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