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Sharpening Fuji files

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I have read so much thru the months (years?) re: sharpening fuji files (XTrans sensor) and everyone seems to have an answer.  

Here are some questions/comments for clarification:

1. If one is printing, does the issue of Fuji file sharpening in LR go away?  I know there is some basic sharpening etc. I heard that the sharpening issue is more for the website or posting. 
2. If I use enhance and it creates a DNG file, the issue of 'worms' is a moot point, correct?  the file is no longer an Xtrans file.
3. Is it better to sharpen in PS versus LR?

Any input appreciated


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On 4/12/2023 at 6:16 PM, Edp said:

I have found few things better for processing Fuji raw files than DxO Pure Raw3.    

only yesterday I came across your post.
Thank you so much for enlightening me !

I had tried many solutions before  : ACR, Capture1, Xtransormer and few others.
I had never considered  DxO pure Raw.
Wow :  It's a game changer !   Up to 25600 Iso the results are perfectly fine (not only acceptables!) !  Could you believe it ?

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