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Is the old 56mm still worth the money?


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A store in Sweden is selling the old 56mm for about $600 which is about half the price compared to the new version. Do you think the old lens is worth the money compared to third party alternatives?

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I don't know the answer. I have the same question when I look at Sigma , Tokina and Viltrox offerings. Sigma seems to be the closest in terms of performance. depending on your shooting style you can decided if you really need f1.2 or 1.4 is good enough. one thing is certain: bokeh is not the same. for me sigma may be just enough.  

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I think $600.00 is kind of expensive for the 56mm. I got mine for around $400.00 1 year ago but this is in the Philippines and it was on sale at the time I bought it since the new one came out and everyone was disposing of their inventory of 56mm version 1. If you can get it cheap the lens is very good especially on the newer bodies, I'm pairing it with the X-H2 and compared to when it was on the X-T20 you can really feel that the lens produces sharp images and the autofocus has improved when attached to a newer body. Overall if it is on sale then get it, otherwise you might invest it on newer lenses.

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