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For those that use primes and need an extra hand…


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I’m a Patreon of Hugh Brownstone, and I initially shared this there for free and open use.  Im sharing it here too because I want to pay forward to our great community!

As a historical zoom user that’s now focused on using primes in a travel light/work fast mindset on top of using an entirely new camera system (and an avid tinkerer), I designed two things to help with the need of an extra hand while on the move.  If you like it, I’ll send anyone the files so you can have them printed for yourself at one of several recommended places (cost is under 25 bucks).  The first is a double rear lens cap that allows me to securely stack two lenses in a much more compact way, and also allow for fast storing of two lenses when putting one back.  (Please excuse the horrible iPhone images to follow).

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Then I made a part that slides into a peak capture clip and becomes a temporary third hand to temporarily hold a lens while you shuffle on another.  It holds tenaciously though I’d not put on a xf 8-16mm (though I made one that would work with that lol).


I’m openly offering this to everyone as a pay it forward gesture to help out and contribute to the craft.    I hope this isn’t violating anything, but it’s  offered without any expectation.    And in case the question comes up, yes, it’s easily modified to accommodate any other lens mount system, which I’ll happily do if requested.    With the DPreview forums going away the audience to share such community gear contributions has sadly diminished.   I love Hugh’s platform to stimulate the craft of photography, but I also have an enginerd side that’s lost a place to discuss.   That’s why, I suppose I became an architect - not talented enough as a fine artist, too unfettered to be an engineer :p.

I've added the step files to my grabcad gallery, so feel free to download them and use them how you please, but if you read apt them I ask that you give me appropriate credit for the work I have done...   now if you don’t have access to a way to print, I at the end of the description in each grabcad page  I did add a link to a preset shapeways page to have it made and sent to you (globally).   I do get a dollar or three margin over if you sent the *FREE* file to them to have it printed, for full transparency.

Double cap - https://grabcad.com/library/fujifilm-double-ended-rear-cap-1

Capture clip - https://grabcad.com/library/fujiflim-x-mount-capture-clip-lens-holder-1

Capture clip, but vertical support for heavier lenses like a zoom - https://grabcad.com/library/fuji-x-mount-capture-clip-vertical-lens-holder-1

Some technical drawings for the nerds...


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