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Nikon lens and noise

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I tried out a Fuji Xpro-2 and a meta-bones adapter and a few of my Nikon lens.  I found the images to have a lot of noise compared to Fuji lens.  This was the first time that I had used a Fuji camera, so there maybe operator error.  I used a 16-35, and 28-300 Nikon lens on the camera.  I loved the Fuji glass, but not the Nikon glass.  Yet on my D810 the results are awesome.  I want a smaller, lighter kit for hiking and travel, so I wanted to experience the Fuji glass and camera.  I am waiting for the XT-2 which suits my style of shooting, nature/landscape and travel. 

Has anyone else experienced a lot of noise using lens from other camera manufacturers?  Or did it do something wrong, I did use focus peaking for sharpness and to get the right focus.

Thanks for the help.


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Given the same exposure settings, aperture, shutter speed and ISO, there should be no difference in noise no matter the lens.


Long exposures can generate noise, but I doubt that is the problem. Seeing a comparison should make the problem obvious, but that is not possible here, so I can only guess. My guess is that the camera is on AutoISO, and the Nikon lenses are stopped down to tiny apertures, causing the ISO to rise. Check the EXIF data and compare ISO values with the Nikon lenses and the Fujifilm lenses.

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