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Cine lenses as photo lens

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Hi Guys.

I just have one 75 mm lens for fuji. For my needs (video + landscape photos) I want one more ultra-wide lens:

  1. 7Artisans 25mm T1.05 APSC CINE 
  2. Wait for Future Tamron's 11-20mm F2.8 

A noob question, but how do Cine lenses compare to regular lenses in still photography? I know that focus will be manual and it doesn't bother me, but what about IQ and sharpness?

Thank you in advance

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Welcome to the forum.

The 7Artisans’ lens is wide, but if you are looking for ultra-wide, think of 16mm as being  “long”. Tamron makes great stuff, but there are many excellent ultra-wides available now, it just depends on what you want.

I have one cine lens and have used several others, their iq is fantastic and are every bit as sharp as one could ask out of them. You do have to get used to the gears (on the focus and aperture rings for the pullers) and using t-stops instead of f-stops, but everything works smoothly and the results look fine. They do cost more, sometimes a lot more, than their non-cine equivalents.

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