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If one of you have a 135mm lens feel free to share some samples with us.

This is the right place for it.




Hey to everybody,


this topic is for all of you who don't have the money for the XF 50-140 ;) and for all who love the 135mm (203mm) focal length.

It is inspired by this little test: http://forum.mflenses.com/twelve-2-8-135mm-lenses-compared-on-5dmkii-t39463.html and by the beautiful images of dv. http://ourphoto.org/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=6101 who also shared a similar topic: http://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/71-ebc-fujinon-t-135mm-25-m42/


I've owned some M42 135mm lenses. If you're ever researching for such a lens there are at least three you can't ignore.



1 - Tair 11A 135mm f/2.8 with 20!!! aperture blades, 150-250 €. I've never tried the Tair because I read that it isn't as good as it seems. Just the Bokeh shall be gorgeous!


2 - Fujinon EBC 135mm f/2.5 with 6 aperture blades, 250-350 €


3 - Pentacon 135mm f/2.8 with 15 aperture blades, 40-100 €



I've also owned a Fujinon 135mm f/3.5 M42. Good and compact lens for about 30 €.

And I've owned a PORST Tele MC Auto D 135mm f/2.8 M42. Many CAs for about 20 €.



Lens  2  and 3 I still own. I will compare them now side by side. Figure out which you like more. I do love both lenses very much and will keep them.


I did some test shots with my beloved X-E2. I wanted to compare sharpness, colour, contrast and bokeh. All shots are taken on a tripod at ISO200. WB was set to auto (missed to set it manually). I set the focus when lens was open wide and then I stoped down. Didn't use focus peaking (because I don't trust it). All pics are SOOC jpegs with default settings except NR. NR was -2. Subject distance: 3m to the clown and about 13-15m to the background. Something else? Mmmmh... I think that's all. Hope you like it.

Here's a link to the Flickr set: https://www.flickr.com/gp/93978937@N07/3M354q. For further questions feel free to ask!





At the following pics the focus was set on the outline of the right eye.







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Here is my Zuiko 135mm f/2.8 adapted with Speedbooster Ultra on XT1


Great black & white shot!


Here is an example of the CA creating PORST Tele MC Auto D 135mm f/2.8 M42. It's a cheap lens but it creates many CAs. Just look around the fur of the cat. This shot isn't SOOC but I just did some colour and contrast edits. No CA corrections. I think it was shot wide open at f/2.8.



Falcon by KwyjiboVanDeKamp, auf Flickr

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Pentacon 135mm f/2.8-32 (v2a - green) with 15 aperture blades (so called bokeh monster) with original lens hood + Marumi UV WPC 55mm filter + Novoflex FUX/CO adapter + Fujifilm X-M1




Lens weight with lens hood + UV filter + adapter + rear cap = 603g




All example photos posted below come straight from the camera and were taken "from the hand" (without any tripod) at f/2.8 aperture.


STD (PROVIA), NR -1, Sharp +1


UV filter and lens hood were mounted on the lens.


ISO 200



ISO 200



ISO 400



ISO 200



ISO 400



ISO 200



ISO 3200


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Great samples!

Your lens is the same as my zebra version just newer. And YES, it is a Bokeh monster!!! :D

I really love this lens! You get good value for less money. I wonder if the newest version is better than the zebra one?! Who knows...


Thanks for sharing!

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Out of the various 135mm lenses that I own, my favourite is the Takumar 1:3.5/135 (Mark II). And as soon as I figure out how to post photos on the forum, I'll upload a few of the dog.

Next to the button "POST" you can read "More Reply Options"... click that to share images. This link could be useful: http://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/338-how-to-start-a-thread-and-how-to-post-images/

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I have a number of 135mm lenses


Takuma 135mm


F2.5 V2


Hanimex 135mm 12 blade iris



A while ago i did a quick test for Hanimex and Takuma 3.5

Taken using Fuji XE-1 with in camera sharpening set to +1 jpegs

The Hanimex only cost £2.50 with leather case and 2x converter icon_smile.gif



The first 2 are the hanimex

The close ups are 100% crops





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    • Hi, DaveC. Thank you so much for the really valuable information...very much appreciated! On the power off/on, I guess I was being a little too impatient when pressing the shutter. On the auto ISO, I'll definitely give it a try, as that's a pretty important one for me. I have found that the ISO button and joystick pretty easy to reach while looking at the EVF, so maybe there's no reason to reassign the top left dial. With only a little time spent with the X-S10 so far, I have found the AF and image quality outstanding, as you noted. Even with the challenges of learning a new system, it's been fun getting to know my new toy! Again, thank you for responding to my inquiry. Pentax Forums is a valuable source of information for Pentax users, and it's nice to know Fuji X Forum can provide similar advice and support. Cheers!  
    • OK thanks for the reply,  It's seems like a pretty straightforward thing to implement with all the super fast ssd available in the market.  Maybe in the next model..
    • I don't believe it is possible sadly.   But would be great if it was. 
    • Welcome rickc, I too was new to Fuji when I got my X-S10 and 16-80mm last December. It is a great camera and lens combo. Point 1. To wake up the camera just half press the shutter button but keep it pressed for a second or too and it will wake up. When half pressed you will feel the IBIS doing its thing , thats OK, just keep it pressed till it wakes up. Point 2. Set the X-S10 to M mode on the mode dial and you will have aperure on the front dial and shutter speed on the rear dial. Then set the iso to Auto, Press the iso button on the top plate and use the joy stick to scroll down to the auto iso settings. The user manual does explain the auto iso settings quite well (the pdf that is). Note you can also re-assign the top left dial to exposure compensation if you like that as well. I have been using these settings just lately to photograph butterflies at high shutter speeds. I came from using Canon and Nikon cameras and find the image quality is outstanding and hope you continue to enjoy the camera. Best wishes DaveC. 
    • Look for"sportsfinder"
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