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Introducing me!

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Hi I am Tom a retired family doctor. I have been taking photographs since my dad bought me a plastic Diana Camera when I was 9 in the early sixties. Then a Pentax man with a Spotmatic ... then ME Super then LX ... moving to digital. 

I finished with a K3 ... but moved to Fuji .. initially with I liked but it made me mad!!!

Now have a XT4  with various lenses but mainly I use my 100V which I love. Mainly landscape and recording life here on Dartmoor. I am off to learn from Peter Turnley in Paris ... to add Street Photography to what I can do. A bit nerve wracking

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    • Thanks all for the helpful replies. I ended up finding a used only twice Fuji 100-400 with the 1.4tc for a great deal. I figured the extra speed will be nice in mornings and evenings and if I need the reach I have the 1.4 and I’m not sacrificing much in reach from the 150-600. Plus it’ll fit in my pack without having to buy a bigger cube.    just been messing around a little but I’m greatly impressed with the sharpness. I’m excited for the new possibilities. Just downloaded eBird so I’ll have to go bald eagle hunting this weekend. 
    • That's a good point too.  Maybe I'm putting too much thought into it and should just use the quality camera on my iPhone 14 pro-max?  
    • I don't know - I use my phone for those situations
    • Thanks for your reply.  So do you think there's an option for me then for a smaller daily carry camera?  I don't do video FYI, so that's  not an issue for me when I look at a camera.  Stills only for me.     ETA:  I'm looking to keep the price down as well, which is why that popped up to me as an option.  
    • I can't connect my XT4 with the DJI RS3 Mini gimbal, does anyone have a similar case?  Hopefully Fujifim or DJI will release firmware that can support it
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