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Introducing me!

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Hi I am Tom a retired family doctor. I have been taking photographs since my dad bought me a plastic Diana Camera when I was 9 in the early sixties. Then a Pentax man with a Spotmatic ... then ME Super then LX ... moving to digital. 

I finished with a K3 ... but moved to Fuji .. initially with I liked but it made me mad!!!

Now have a XT4  with various lenses but mainly I use my 100V which I love. Mainly landscape and recording life here on Dartmoor. I am off to learn from Peter Turnley in Paris ... to add Street Photography to what I can do. A bit nerve wracking

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    • Hi everybody, I have recently acquired a GF 100S, and love it! I have at this time a  GF 32-64 mm and several Pentax 645 lenses which are still very good but necessitate of an adapter (~10 oz.) and are obviously manual focus. The only GF tele zoom is the 100-200 mm at 2.2 lbs and there is a big gap from 64 mm. I currently use the 80-160 Pentax 645, but it is almost 3 lbs and 9 inches long with the adapter. The GF 45-100 is too short on the tele side, overlaps too much and it's heavy. Shouldn't Fuji give us a 75-150 mm short, light for travelling that perfectly complements the 32-64 or the 35-70 mm that many of us have? What do you think?
    • Digging more into it the app still struggles at times if the setting to combine jpeg and raw together is on.  Had all working after separating the two file types.   Appears only Raws matched with Acros BW simulation were the problem.  What I found further is the app is still "confused" by only some Jpegs shot with the Fuji Acros BW simulation.  Even after is was working by all for a bit. The app is struggling with some of the Jpegs.  I think that was the root of the issue.  There is some bug that needs to be addressed with this situation.  I do have a ticket open with support. We shall see if that goes anywhere.
    • I m facing the same problem with the combination  XT-5 and the fujinon 70-300mm. Checked several times the settings, even using a tripod. the problem didnt solve itself. what is strange is that sometimes the focus does and sometimes it doesn't while the conditions are the same. And seems to be occurring more and more often  Could someone help me out this it?
    • I am also running into this problem. I am using the XT5 and increasingly having focusing problems with the 70-300 while all settings are checked, so this is not the problem. Has anyone found a solution to the problem?
    • I don't have a definitive answer, but it seems to be that ON1 can get confused(!). Using this "trick" it is ignoring previous read attempts and seemed to have solved my problems. I had about a dozen photos that were problematic. Hopefully ON1 will fix this "feature" in the future. Glad it worked for you.
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