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Casper here from Alameda, CA - just saying Hey!

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Hey folks,

My name is Casper, a photographer in the East Bay of San Francisco.


Recently I switched over from m4/3 to the Fuji X system with a new X-Pro2 purchase (along with a few shiny lenses). It's been a long time coming, previously considering the X-Pro1 back in 2012, but instead opting for the Olympus E-M5 at the time. Definitely not disappointed in my original decision, but that longing seemed to stay with me. Apparently the switch was inevitable, it only took four years to come to terms with it. ;)  


I've shot urban life documentary photography (long way of describing Street Photography) for half a decade, in Chicago and San Francisco. I also teach workshops and shoot events, predominantly in a documentary style, but now and then fine art, cityscapes and whatever else strikes my fancy will find its way into my various photo streams.


All the important online presences I have, can be found through my website www.recasper.com.


Additionally (as if 24 hours weren't already too few for a planetary rotation) I produce and host StreetPX, a photography podcast. It's a bi-weekly broadcast, dedicated to showcasing fellow street photographers, documentary photographers and photojournalists from around the world. Basically, up to two hours of introspective conversation (coffee and a chat, so to speak)... diving into backgrounds, inspirations, projects and any random topic that may come up along the way.


I always enjoy the opportunity to support the artist community. In this, we decided to put one in a chair every other week, turn on a mic and hit record. If interested, we can be found at www.streetpx.com or on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and pretty much any other podcatcher app of choice.


Anyway, I just thought I'd join in and say hi. 


Looking forward to reading and participating. 



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