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XT-5 slightly warm in hand - is it normal?


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Hello everyone, 

I just received my XT-5 and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. One thing is bothering me though. It feels like it gets slightly warmer after a couple minutes of stills shooting in AF-C. Noticeable specially behind the display. It's quite subtle, no heat warning or anything but I never noticed that with my X-H2. I've run some tests with 4K/60fps and my XT-5 shut down after 60 minutes on "high" heat setting and 30 minutes on "normal". 

So my question is, is it normal for XT-5 to get slightly warmer after shooting stills? Thanks! 

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Congrats on your XT-5.Glad to hear you're enjoying it. Now, I completely understand your concern about your camera getting warm after extended use especially when taking continuous autofocus (AF-C) shots. It's perfectly normal and is a natural outcome of your camera's processor and sensor working hard to get those perfect focus shots.

Your XT-5's built-in safety features will automatically shut the camera down should it detect any overheating. Based on your tests, it looks like your camera is working perfectly fine.

To prevent any possible overheating issues, I suggest adjusting some settings such as reducing the time your camera stays on standby mode or turning it off between shots. You could also avoid using the "high" heat setting for an extended duration and take some breaks between long sessions to let your camera cool down.

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I have Fujifilm X-H1, X-H2S, X-T3 and X-T5. The only camera that overheat so easily is the X-T5. Firmware is all up to date. I live in the hot dry Las Vegas weather. A few seconds after I pull the X-T5 out of my camera bag and started shooting outside, it overheat and shut down. I'm fine in this 105 to 110 degree weather but this camera can't handle it. This issue needs to be addressed by Fujifilm soon. I'm running out of patience. I love the X-T5 but this is killing me.

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