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X-T4 not working with manual lens, weird shutter behaviour

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Hi, I just got an X-T4 with an old Zuiko lens and an adapter on it. I turned on "shoot without lens" and it worked perfect.

However, when I took a photo, the image went black afterwards. The shutter would just stay shut so I couldn't see anything but slightly grainy black. When I press the shutter button, it does open and take a picture - for an infinite amount of time. When I cancel by turning the camera off and on again, I can see that it did take a long exposure photo.

One time it randomly snapped out of black and I could see again, but after taking a picture it stayed shut again.

I took the lens off an saw that the shutter was slightly open sometimes, I don't know much about cameras but it looks weird to me that it's 90% closed. Is my camera just broken?

Edit: I tapped the shutter with my finger and now it's been working fine for the last five minutes. Maybe it was just physically stuck?

Edit 2: And its black again


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2 hours ago, Olaf W. said:

Sounds like you’ve activated buld mode.

I can't find anything online on "buld mode", could you explain? It really doesn't feel like a special mode because it happens so unpredicatbly but I want to check everything before I send the camera back.

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