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Fujifilm XT-3 photos noticeably more darker


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I just recently moved over to the Fujifilm system (originally Canon) and I've noticed that the photos taken on the camera appear a lot darker when viewed and/or imported into a software on PC or mobile. This applies to both JPEG and RAF files. On the body's LCD screen when reviewing the photo after taking it, the composition of the photo looks perfectly good; right exposure, balance, ISO etc. 


I've looked around online and have adjusted the body's screen LCD brightness to minus 2 but it doesn't seem to help a great deal. I've also made sure that the DR is set to DR100. I'm shooting fully in manual mode so I don't touch the exposure dial either. Does anyone have any recommendations for me? Also not sure if I've provided enough information on this. Please do let me know.


Thank you in advance!



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12 hours ago, jerryy said:

Do you have Natural Live View turned on?

It affects what you see on the lcd screen, usually brightening things from a little to a lot:




p.s. Welcome to the forum.

Hello, yes I have natural live view turned on. Should I turn it off? 


I'll give the articles a read now. Thank you for your reply and welcoming! 

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