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X-T4 and what I think are IBIS and sensor cleaning issues

Terrell H

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This is an issue I've just recently had with my X-T4. When I turn it on there's is a very loud vibration. If it's on my coffee table, it reverberates through the table. When I look at the sensor it looks like it's slightly moving. It will stop when I review images, and starts back. After a few moments I get a message saying to turn of the camera and turn it back on again. I have no idea what the problem is other than maybe something is wrong with the IBIS and sensor motors or something. Has anyone else experienced this? It almost sounds like I may need to get this thing repaired.

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13 hours ago, jlmphotos said:

Have you or anyone else cleaned the sensor?  There is a s specific procedure for cleaning IBIS equipped cameras.

My cameras have IBIS but they certainly don't vibrate a table....



No one else has cleaned it. Though I did buy this camera used a year and a half ago. So maybe there’s an underlying issue. But it felt and sounded like IBIS was going haywire. I never seen this happen with this camera or any other brand I have with IBIS.

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