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Help! Accidental HDR


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Hi.  Newbie to the forum and photography/videography in general so please be gentle...

I recently took my X-T4 on a SCUBA dive and happily took a bunch of photos and videos.  The subjects in the photos were always in motion.  The raw+jpg images all have a 'ghost' or 2nd, even 3rd, exposure.  After a bit of research, I figured out that I had the camera set to HDR, so each image is actually 3 exposures.  Given the motion of the subjects, the 2nd & 3rd exposure look like 'ghosts'.

I've attached a scaled down

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sample to show what I'm talking about: you can see the tail of the foreground shark is obviously multiple exposures.

My questions is how do I recover a single usable image from the HDR exposures?  I have access to GIMP and various Adobe products.


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