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Hi, deciding between two used cameras

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Hello! I'm Edoardo, 25, Italian.

I used to shoot with my Canon 200D but now I'm into buying a new camera and I think Fujifilm will be the next one. I'm a hobbyist so I do not make profit with the camera.

I'm deciding between x-t30 ii vs x-t3. Where I live their price in the second hand market is comparable, there isn't too much difference. x-t3 it's a superior camera obviously but I'm afraid of loosing the classic neg. film recipe and the portability of the x-t30 ii. I'm not particularly interested in the video features. Can someone help me choosing between these two cameras? 


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Hmm - I used to have the original X-T30 and X-T3 - and as you say you get extra features with the X-T3 versus portability.

If things like weather sealing, two card slots, better viewfinder and tilting screen are priorities go with the X-T3 - but if you want something that is almost pocketable (at least with lenses like the 27mm) go with the X-T30 II - they are both good cameras. 

The X-T30 II also has the complete auto function that is handy if you are lending the camera to someone else who hasn't had time to learn the controls.

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Have you had each in hand? Size of camera body, couples with your hands might make or break which one you go with. Personally I cannot use an X-TXX model far too small. Then there is balance considerations depending on what lenses you'll be using, certain models are a better match than others on smaller or larger bodies. 

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