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Copying images from camera/ Windows 11, no more MyFinePix


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I have a new computer and as such no longer have MyFinePix Studio that I used and really liked for transferring files.  I would like to know how others are transferring images from camera to computer.  This link, https://digitalcamera-support-en.fujifilm.com/digitalcameraengpcdetail?aid=000005058&p=a062w0000035yOdAAI&wd=image+transfer&_ga=2.62903276.1570090719.1676656395-1876888618.1676656395

talks about how to do it with Windows 10 but I have Windows 11.  My old process was very simple, I'd connect the camera to the computer, start MyFinePix Studio and transfer the images to a well defined location (it would create the dated directory for me).  Now it seems harder, either remove the sd card, find my card reader, create a directory for the images and copy them from the sd card OR camera with the card in.

I would like to know what 'workflow' others are using and what suggestion people have for simplest possible transfer to well named directory.  I know this might not be a big deal for others, but the loss of MyFinePix transfer is an annoyance I've not yet resolved.

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Thanks Jerry, but still not so much.  I keep my uploaded photos in D:\CameraUploads.  I don't want to keep them under C:\Pictures (or whatever default it's using).  I don't use OneDrive.  I just want to get the photos from my camera to D:\CameraUploads\<date>\ which is exactly what MyFinePix used to do for me.  Now I have to either futz with the different folder on the card and create the date folder myself for each upload.  I am pretty frustrated with both Fuji (for not making legacy MyFinePix downloadable) and MS for not providing 'Photos' a simple way to change the default upload destination beyond C:\Pictures.  I don't need or want a OneDrive cloud eco system.  I have a special drive for unprocessed photos that I want to keep using.  Not every picture is worthy of cloud storage, they need to get reviewed and processed. 

I guess I'll have to keep doing it manually.

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