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F-Log in DaVinci Resolve with MacBook Pro M1 Max


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I am looking for some help and tips for the best Project Settings (Camera Raw settings, Color Management etc.) to color grade and correct F-Log footage.

I have a Fuji X-T4 and a MacBook Pro M1 Max with DaVinci Resolve 18 Free.

Thank you all!!

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Hi Rufo:

With X-H2S I find I do not have to over expose fLog by more than 1/2 stop.  I expect the X-T4 to be similar.  I follow this procedure to color grade in Davinci Resolve:

  1. First node has FLog only.
  2. Insert a node before the node that contains FLog.  Here I do my main color grading.  You want to do main color grading before the conversion to FLog as the changes you make will be linear.
  3. If required, insert another before the node before the color grading node.  This node will contain any noise reduction.
  4. If you want to sharpen, insert a node after the node that contains FLog.  I find a sharpening of 0.47 to more than enough. Any more and the image may begin to break down.

This should be enough to get you started.

If you want more, watch some of the YouTube contributors.



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HI Rufo,

I have changed procedures.  I now use the colors space transform (CST) as my first node.  The CST is set up as follows:

- Apply the CST effect to the first node.

- Color Space is Rec 2020

- Input gamma is FLog

- Output color space is Rec 709

- Output gamma is Gamma 2.4

All other nodes to grade the clip proceed the node that contains the color space transform.

Hope this helps.


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