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Focus Peaking Issue? (GFX50R)

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Hello all. GFX50R here and here's my dilemma, hoping someone here can help. When I'm using manual focus and have the focus peaking set to red, the peaking is only red while the sims are in color. When I change the film sim to a B&W mode (acros & monochrome) the focus peaking only shows in white, no matter what color I set it to.  Is this how the focus peaking works on these bodies?  Does this happen with both native glass and vintage lenses? I currently do not have a native GFX lens to see if that's the issue so maybe it's just a vintage lens use problem?  I'm on my 2nd GFX50R body and both had this "issue".  Maybe it's just something I have set wrong but I doubt it. After owning 10+ Fujifilm bodies old and new, I've never seen this before.  I've been scouring the webs to see if it's a firmware issue but this was standard on both my bodies.  

Any insight would help.. 

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Hello, I just pulled out my 50r and using the 50mm lens I tested the peaking.  First, I flipped manual focus on and tried it in the color modes - Astia, Velvia, Provia.  I have my manual focus peak to High and Red.

I then switched to MONOCHROME w Red Filter and and Acros w Red filter and my peaking was still on RED High.  I then switched over to plain Acros, then plain Monochrome and my Peaking was still Red High.

If I come across a fix I'll post it.


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