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Shooting Movie/Film on GFX 100 - What am I doing wrong?

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Help needed. I've been shooting stills successfully on my GFX 100, I'm having issues with the movie mode.

I'm shooting 4k 25 fps MOV files, so I set the SS to 50 as I would on my DSLR, is that correct? When I pull the footage straight on my laptop and view it in windows media player it doesn't look right, like it's jerky or in slow motion.

Then when I pull the footage on to my desk top computer to try and edit it Premiere Pro, neither windows or Premiere recognizes the same file type. When I pull it in to PP I can add the audio track but there's footage. The laptop and desk top are both windows, one is windows 10 and one windows 11 but I don't know why that would make a difference.

What am doing wrong? What settings should I be using here?

Even in if the slow-mo looking footage on my laptop if due to the wrong shutter speed, why can I not open the MOV in PP?

Thanks in advance!



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