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Shooting Movie/Film on GFX 100 - What am I doing wrong?

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Help needed. I've been shooting stills successfully on my GFX 100, I'm having issues with the movie mode.

I'm shooting 4k 25 fps MOV files, so I set the SS to 50 as I would on my DSLR, is that correct? When I pull the footage straight on my laptop and view it in windows media player it doesn't look right, like it's jerky or in slow motion.

Then when I pull the footage on to my desk top computer to try and edit it Premiere Pro, neither windows or Premiere recognizes the same file type. When I pull it in to PP I can add the audio track but there's footage. The laptop and desk top are both windows, one is windows 10 and one windows 11 but I don't know why that would make a difference.

What am doing wrong? What settings should I be using here?

Even in if the slow-mo looking footage on my laptop if due to the wrong shutter speed, why can I not open the MOV in PP?

Thanks in advance!



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have you tried viewing it on a different computer?  the 4k files are pretty memory/graphics card intensive.  especially if you are at 400mbps a sec.  when i try to view it on an older macbook air it definitely stutters and stalls out, but it works fine when view it on a MacBook pro.  

out of curiosity, are you in the UK? it is unusual to shoot in 25p, usually shoot in 24, 30 or 60p in the states.  also you might want to shoot in drop frame as that converts better for actual tv, streaming or broadcast, that would be 23.976, 29.97 or 59.94p.  

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