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X 56mm f/1.2 early ver. aperture ring tight; lens stops down


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My go to 56 f/1.2 early version lens aperture ring feels stuck but will free up with moderate twisting force then works relative easy but when mounting to my X-Pro2, the lens stops down to aperture set at the time making composing my shot difficult - manual focusing impossible. I bought this lens new and has produces many gorgeous imagines. It still does though as I said with the viewfinder "dark" composing is hit and miss. The "fat" size of the lens allows aperture ring to make contact with surface where camera/lens combo is placed though both have been gently used. Sometimes I think the aperture ring is slightly bent because of this. Any ideas?? This lens is so awesome I can't imagine the new version being a significant improvement optically and I have no plans to upgrade. This and the 23mm f1.4 are both awesome a complete my Fuji kit.

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