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CaptureOne Pro 20 not showing RAF files of Fujifilm XH2S

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I was using Capture One Pro 20 to process Fujifilm XT3 RAW files. Recently, I bought XH2S. When I try to import RAW files, the program does not show the RAW files. However, it shows the RAW files created using XT3. I cannot afford to upgrade Capture One Pro 2023 as it is very expensive. How can I use Capture One Pro 20 to process XH2S RAW uncompressed files? Please help. Thanks in advance.

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Regretfully you cannot. The latest version of Capture One opens both the X-H2 and X-H2S but your version will not. Annoying of course but Capture One is in the business of development to meet new camera operating systems and that costs. You will have to bite the bullet and pay for the latest programme or just open the JPeg files.

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I am in the same fix with my X-H2, though I like to use ACDSee for editing.  I downloaded the free version of Raw File Converter 3 from Fujifilm, which opens my RAW files and actually has loads of tools (more than I would want to use, lol).  Took me an afternoon to get familiar with it so you may want to consider it for a short-term solution.

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Apart from wait none I am afraid to say. I had the same with the GFX 50 files to begin with. However, 'DxO Photolab 6' handles them perfectly. Also when you upload a file taken with a lens not yet in its database it will auto suggest you download the corresponding file. I have two Fuji cameras and 5 lenses all of them now recognised by this software which I am very happy with.

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Previously one could download (for free) Capture One Express for Fujifilm. That would give you the latest version of C1 (with some limitations; see below) that will recognize the RAW files from your X-H2S. As previously mentioned, there is no way to get C1 Version 20 to recognize the .RAF files from your X-H2S. The nice thing there would not be much of learning curve for you see you already are using C1, compared to using SilkyPix.

Here's a link that compares the Express version with Pro...


Download C1 Express Fujifilm here...


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